Arrighi Design

Unique Creations made with Love, Passion and Professionally

From watercolors and paintings to textile, home decoration & design


Explore all my handmade, unique and original creations for home and office.


Over 10 years experience in Interior Design, decorating and home staging.

Unique and custom design for your home and office.


Give an original and unique style with one of my unique photos.
Black and white or colorful, choose your best!

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From packaging to home products, design unique creations for your business and your home. 


Hand made and digital Illustrations for books, business advertising and everything you need.

My restless hand will turn words into unique visuals!

maria letizia arrighi


Letizia Arrighi Design

ArrighiDesign is an art studio based in Switzerland.

Maria Letizia Arrighi is a professional painter, illustrator, surface & textile pattern designer.

She had mixed her talent with her passion for Interior Design and Interior Decoration, being able to produce unique creations, proposing original piece of art for your home, office and business places or products.